Blockbusters - Remote

Online teambuilding waarbij je een video trailer maakt met een online team

1.5 - 3 uren
Competitief / Samenwerkend
4 - Onbeperkt


BlockBusters Remote challenges participants to translate company business messages, core values or brand in to dynamic, attention grabbing movie trailers. After a short group briefing on Zoom, teams of 3-5 pax head into breakaway groups. Teams brainstorm a story line for their movie. They produce a storyboard of 6-10 scenes and choose a sound track. Teams then they capture the scenes on their phones or tablets and upload them. Our editors receive them in real time and under the guidance of the team assemble their Oscar winning movie.


Participants learn that with the right approach, physical separation is no barrier to meaningful collaboration and high-quality output. Each team must employ forethought, planning and expert execution to make their storyboard relevant to the theme. Participants step out of their comfort zone, acting, script writing and filming, juggling multiple roles. Each person is responsible for producing their part and ensuring deadlines and quality standards are met. Communication skills are enhanced as they collaborate with team members and event facilitators to ensure the edit of their film is as they desire.

remote team building

Remote team activiteit

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